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Movie Name The Chosen Ones


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Categories DocumentaryDramaUpcoming Australian Movies

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Country(s) Mexico, France

IMDB The Chosen Ones

Award(s) 1 win & 17 nominations.

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The Chosen Ones Movie Details :

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The Chosen Ones Movie Review :

We ordinarily go to the motion pictures to escape reality, however film resembles these one makes the onlooker submerge into a lamentable the truth that is turned out to be increasingly visit in our nation; present day subjugation against lady and mental change in youth’s recognition towards different people, particularly towards ladies. The film recounts the anecdote around an adolescent couple, Sofia (14 years of age) and Ulises (around 17 or 18 years of age, it’s never told his age in the film). Ulises whole family are human traffickers who oppress lady into prostitution. Ulises connects with Sofia to place her in a power prostitution house, however falls profoundly infatuated with her. Shockingly for them Ulises family discovers and takes Sofia to a house of ill-repute where they make the 14-year-old engage in sexual relations with many distinctive men throughout the day. The film then recounts the narrative of the misery of Sofia and a portion of alternate whores that are there by power, and it additionally recounts the tale of Ulises path into the privately-owned company of subjugating young lady and, conflicting, attempting to safe Sofia from the massage parlor where she was power to work by Ulises father and sibling. Its a well known fact that in Mexico a great many lady vanish each year and its a dependable fact that the abnormal state of misogyny in our nation is the principle motivation behind why these wrongdoings are still unpunished. The film manages the observation towards lady from a men perspective as well as a whole family. Amid the film we can see the enthusiastic change that Sofia is put through subsequent to being detain. One can’t feel frustrated about Sofia however inevitably the sentiment compassion transforms into a monstrous anguish that makes the observer feel weak and constrains us to reevaluate our idea of flexibility in current times. What’s more, that sentiment anguish is much more apparent after the film is over, the discussion and open deliberation held outside the silver screen amongst me and my companions was pretty much as tense as the film. The film, in my eyes, was an effective endeavor to convey a significant tricky to the spotlight, finished with extraordinary narrating structure the characters to the perfect and unadulterated photography and the course of David Pablos. It’s a pitiless story to tell however it’s a significantly more troublesome story to watch and to concede that cutting edge bondage exists and that little is done to stop it.

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Watch The Chosen Ones Movie Online Download Free

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