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Dil Aashna Hai Movie Watch Online Download Free

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Movie Name Dil Aashna Hai (...The Heart Knows)


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Country(s) India

IMDB Dil Aashna Hai (...The Heart Knows)

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Dil Aashna Hai (...The Heart Knows) Movie Details :

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Watch Dil Aashna Hai (...The Heart Knows) Movie Online Free :

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Dil Aashna Hai (...The Heart Knows) Movie Review :

Karan (Shah Rukh Khan) becomes hopelessly enamored with Laila. Laila is helped by Karan in the quest for her genuine mother. Her hunt drives them to Razia (Farida Jalal), who reveals that 18 years back, there were three underhanded young ladies in her school: Barkha (Dimple Kapadia), Raaj (Amrita Singh) and Salma (Sonu Walia). They were enamored with their separate sweethearts: Sunil (Mithun Chakraborty), Prince Arjun (Jeetendra) and Akram (Naseer Abdullah). One day they figured out that one of them is pregnant (not said then who). They take a house from Razia and get the child conveyed. Before long when the infant is six months, she is sent to Razia and they guarantee that whoever from them will be the first to get hitched will embrace her and they name her Sitara.

Hema Malini was a decent on-screen character however as an executive, she neglected to give hit movies. This film was likewise expected to be Shah Rukh Khan’s presentation however gratefully, Deewana came and gave him his first hit. Something else, this motion picture would be his presentation and yes, this film was a film industry debacle.

The film is about a young lady you is raised in a massage parlor, she brings home the bacon as a supper club artist in some other person’s club. She is not an upbeat individual as she probably is aware her mother is alive however can’t discover her, with the assistance of a friend(played by SRK) she goes on a hunt. Notwithstanding, the pursuit gets entangled the same number of individuals are not as they appear to be and excessively numerous characters make a perplexity. Will the young lady locate her dear mother? Will she have the capacity to bring a changeless grin all over? Watch the film to discover.

The motion picture is about an inquiry to discover the young lady’s mom and the hunt goes well yet there are an excessive number of subplots which drags the film. The consideration a viewer has on the principle plot is not durable as the subplots tend to exhaust the viewer. The film is extensive and altering is not all around directed as the film has numerous unpleasant patches. To aggravate matters, there are a considerable amount of contentions and issues amongst characters and the exaggerating in these scenes have a tendency to bother. Music is the redeeming quality on account of several great tunes yet none of them are up to the stamp, none of them got to be hits.

Bearing by Hema Malini is poor, she falls flat generally. She handles a couple of scenes well and the comic scenes are useful for its time in spite of the fact that worn out in parts. Her heading falls level when the passionate and genuine parts of the motion picture happen, it looks inadvertently interesting in a few scenes. The end is additionally not supported and the subplots don’t associate with the primary plot which implies all these subplots move parallel thus, there is no stream in the storyline of the film.

Exhibitions are anything awesome either, SRK is useful however this is one of his prior movies and he wasn’t a lot of a decent on-screen character. He improved in Raju Ban Gaya Gentlemen and Baazigar after which he really began to shake as a performer. The courageous woman has a meatier part than SRK and she makes an OK showing with regards to, the rest exaggerate unpleasantly. Indeed, even veteran on-screen character Mithun Chakraborty makes an insipid showing with regards to, this is one of his powerless movies.

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Dil Aashna Hai Movie Watch Online Download Free
Dil Aashna Hai Movie Watch Online Download Free

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